marano lagunare
port buso

Excursions in Lagoon and open sea

GRADO-MIRAMARE : full day through the Triest Gulf, arrival at Grignano stop for a visit at the Asburgic Castle of Maximillian pause 2 hours.

GRADO-GRANTOUR IN LAGOON: full day, sailing across lagoons of Grado and Marano with rise again the Stella river through Marano Oases. Stop at Titiano for little visit at Madonna delle Nevi church.

GRADO-VENICE: only in summer time, full day launch on board stop in Venice 4 hours.

GRADO-DUINO: full day sailing across Trieste Gulf, arrival at Duino port. Visit at the Turn and Taxis Castle last owners. Guide for explaning.

GRADO-ANFORA: trip in the lagoon with stop at the Fischer island. Good Fish cooking with typicals wine from our zone.

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